About Us

Dr. Clay Allred was born and raised in Southern Utah.  Before completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Allred completed a church mission in Portugal and Cape Verde between 1998 and 2000.  Dr. Allred earned his undergraduate degree at Southern Utah University in Cedar City in 2003, where he completed a double major in Biology and Zoology, as well as a double minor in Chemistry and Foreign Language.  He then went on to study veterinary medicine at the world-renowned Washington State University, and obtained his DVM in 2007.  Dr. Allred worked for one year at a veterinary clinic in Southern Utah before moving to the Arenas Valley Animal Clinic in 2008.  Dr. Allred was married in 2001 at St. George in Utah, and has four beautiful children.

Dr. Jenica Laney was born and raised in Mogollon, New Mexico. She completed her bachelor of science degree in animal science from New Mexico State University. She then attended Washington State University to study veterinary medicine. Dr. Laney received her DVM in May of 2018 and joined Arenas Valley Animal Clinic in June of 2018. Dr. Laney enjoys working in a mixed animal practice, providing veterinary needs for both large and small animals. When not working, Dr. Laney and her husband, Troy, enjoy spending time with family and outdoor activities.